the youngest man to be excited

the youngest man to be excited
George Stinney to be executed at 14 of age by the cheer

Back in 1944, in the Jim Crow era of the South, Green Hill was known as “the black church”, while Clarendon Baptist Church across the railway tracks was “the white church”. Those who remember the terrible events that took place that spring and summer

From the Green Hill church it is a few miles in the woods where the bodies of two girls, Betty June Binnicker, 11, and Mary Emma was found thrown on a ditch some where near to the black side of the woods The girls had been gathering flowers when they were followed, attacked and beaten too death

all accusation fingers are pointed toward the youg boy George Stinney Jr he had seen the girls the previous day with only that they arrested him as suspect
Police said that Stinney confessed to the crimes and, although there was no physical evidence, he was charged with capital murder
No transcript was recorded of the brief trial. Stinney was convicted of first-degree murder of the two girls in less than 10 minutes by an all-white jury, during a two hour trial

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