what to do when she/he leaves you

what to do when she leaves you

I don’t want you anymore,” she says.
“You can’t mean that,” you to her.
“But I do,” she insists.

There’s a conviction in her voice and eyes , the likes of which you’ve never hear or see but always sensed dwelled deep within; the kind of light one stifles out of fear of losing someone.

But now the fear is gone.
My god , how the tables have turned.
You almost marvel at the transformation, admire it even, before remembering you want her to stay.
“But I love you,” is all you can think to say as you fall deep in the darkness and loneliness.

“I love you too,” she says. “But it’s not enough anymore.”
You stop and wonder how such a thing is possible as she grabs her bag and walks out the door.

Now you’re alone…what should you do?

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